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I Remember !

I sit alone on the sidewalk ,
It's pouring outside right now ,
I think back to when we were happy ,
I remember when everything was easy ,
I remember when we used to smile ,
I remember when I didn't cry everyday ,
I remember when you would tell me that you love me ,
I remember that we were once happy ,
Now I think to now ,
And I remember how unhappy I am ,
I remember when I cried yesterday ,
I remember that I hardly ever see you smile anymore ,
Or smile myself ,
As I recall these things, tears are falling down my face ,
But no one can see anyway ,
Because it's raining outside ,
A text ,
But it's not from you ,
A phone call ,
But it's not you calling me ,
A knock on the door ,
But it's not you ,
I reach out for you to hold my hand ,
But you're not there ,
The emptiness in my heart ,
The deafening silence that fills my ears ,
The burning tears that fall from my eyes ,
It's all so overwhelming ,
I wish I could disappear in the shadows ,
I wish I could vanish ,
I wish I could sleep ,
And never wake up ,
To slip away into eternity ,
Maybe it would ease the pain ,
Being without you is so painful ,
Being with you is so much more unbearable ,
You're with me ,
But it's as if you were gone ,
But I'm now I'm just sitting here on this sidewalk .

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