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I Hate You Because ?

I hate you because you hate me ,
just because I'm not you ,
you think I am a burden but its not true ,

I'm stuck in this world on my own ,
with no emotions shown ,
no one to love me and people that pretend ,

My heart is in no condition to even mend ,
I'm tired of all the lies ,
you have no consideration for me and my tries ,

Nobodies perfect and neiter are you ,
beleive it or not this statement is true ,
I am who I am your approval is not needed ,
I love me, I guess I'm conceited ,

I would never change especially for a person like you ,
if I had a chance to changes live with someone it most definatly wouldnt be you .

Like it or not I live my life the way I can ,
I'm going to try , I'm going to try the best I can to prove you wrong ,
It wont take very long ,

All I have to do is take your blows , your insults , whatever you dish out and be strong .
And last , I hate you because you do not want to admit that you love me !

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