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Cute Love Story :)

First Birthday :
She looks into his eyes in daycare :)

Second Birthday :
They go to the candy store and share a gummy worm :)

Third Birthday :
They go to the toy store and pick out a teddy bear for her :)

Fourth Birthday :
They go to Chuckie Cheese and he give her some of his tickets :)

Fifth Birthday :
They go to the park and he push the swing for her :)

Sixth Birthday :
They're in first grade and they're dotting and crossing each other :)

Seventh Birthday :
They're sharing a seat on the school bus :)

Eighth Birthday :
He's showing her his collection of comic books :)

Ninth Birthday :
They're at the pet store playing with the puppy and naming it together :)

Tenth Birthday :
They're watching the premiere of High School Musical :)

Eleventh Birthday :
They're laughing at the penguin at the zoo :)

Twelfth Birthday :
They're sitting next to each other at the football game :)

Thirteenth Birthday :
They're at the amusement park and he told her he love her :)

Fourteenth Birthday :
They go to the haunted house and he hold her hand whole time :)

Fifteenth Birthday :
They're at the movie theater watching The Last Song :)

Sixteenth Birthday :
She has the first dance with him at her sweet sixteenth :)

Seventeenth Birthday :
They go out to dinner and share a plate of spaghetti :)

Eighteenth Birthday :
She's cheering for him at the homecoming game :)

Nineteenth Birthday :
They go to prom together and get crowned prom queen and prom king :)

Twentieth Birthday :
They're sitting on the beach making a sand castle :)

Twenty First Birthday :
He's down on one knee asking her to marry him :')


Oh My God , so cute :)
Can I be like this ?

And this ?

And also like this !

Haha ,
Aku tak tau kenape dengan aku hari ini ,
Tapi sumpah ,
Aku merepek kan ?

Tolong abaikan ape yang aku tulis kat atas ,
Dah lari dari tajuk dah ,
Harap Maklum !

Thanks :)

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